Keep Your Eyes on Me – Evil Eyes

Official video for “Keep Your Mind On Me”, from the album Borderlines

Behind the scenes photos:

Directed By: Joe Lumbroso (
Written By: Jillian Mackintosh
Produced By: Joe Lumbroso & Jillian Mackintosh
Cinematography: Tylor Bohlman & Joe Lumbroso
Gaffer: Geoff Taylor
Grips: Steve Griggs & Steve Forbes
Editing, VFX, Titles & Post: Joe Lumbroso
Additional Editing: Jesse Chandler
Sets & Miniatures by: Joe Lumbroso & Jillian Mackintosh
Miniature Vehicles by: Erik Otto
Costume Design/Makeup: Jillian Mackintosh
Starring: The Band, Anna-Alexia Basile as “The girl”, Charmaine Olivia, Roma Oeh and Misa Arnberger as “The Sirens” and Walter Wexley Waggington as himself.
Production Assistants and Moral Support: Blair Kelly, Jesse Chandler, Shea Greene, Sky Tallone, Meryl Pataky, Kathryn Shreve and Hirotaka Fukui

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